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There is beauty in sharing. Sometimes people share a jacket, a blanket, and a bed. There are no such things as something belonging to one person. Some girls share a pretty dress. If there is one girl who own makeup, all the girls in the village line up on special occasions to use the communal makeup to pretty themselves. They help each other apply it and then they show up all pretty and made up at special celebrations like weddings.

There is so much sharing and love that exist in many poor villages across the globe. There is awe in wanting to share and getting pleasure out of it. Girls share outfits and shoes. Sometimes they share dressy outfits when they go to weddings. Sharing has more meaning here than anywhere else. Sometimes the sharing is part of an obligation to each other. A family may share a meal with another family who simply doesn’t have anything for that day. A neighborhood may come together to take a care of a family a lot needier than them.

You may come across a boy in a nice sweater, but within the same week you may find three other boys wearing the same sweater, you admire them for being so thoughtful with one another. This is a sharing culture that we may not understand when our closets are overflowing with cloths. All the sharing we do here in the US comes from having that choice, making that decision to share your house or car or your things with someone, but there is always an exchange of money or something of value involved. This is not that kind of sharing, it’s sharing that involves nothing more than a kind act of humanity. It’s the kind of sharing neighbors; siblings cousins and friends do to help each other. It’s the most generous way a community can take care of each other.

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