In today’s fast moving advanced technological world, illiteracy begins with digital divide. It’s the divide between communities who have access to information technology and those who don’t. The gap widens as we in the developed world go further and further in new technology to make our lives easy and our counterparts across the world in less developed countries are left behind because they can’t afford internet, or internet access is limited to the few who can afford it.

Imagine if you are a young boy of fifteen imagine further all the educational tools available today on the Internet are unknown to you because your ability to access the Internet is so costly you are unable to be part of that global world that enjoys technology.Imagine further so many tools that could help with your education, healthcare and energy technology are unknown to you because of your geography. Humanity Against Poverty has developed programs that will bring technology to women and children to lessen that gap that now exist.

Technology tools will give that segment of society the tools to compete and be counted in the global arena.They will socially participate with their peers and it will change the way they think. We will empower women and children to participate and contribute their ideas in a global setting.

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