A Day In The Life Of A Young Somali Girl

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Sahra, a ten years old I met when her family hosted me in Erigavo Somalia, is the most grown up, reliable and mature ten year old I have ever come across. She wakes up at first light and prepares the morning for the rest of the family. She bakes the morning bread, makes tea and … Continue reading A Day In The Life Of A Young Somali Girl

African Market: Local Ingenuity and Local Solutions

Adult African Female wearing Traditional clothes and face paint holds back her head and laughs , holding a basket filled with vegetables, spinach, she has harvested.
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In Africa being a rural dweller means you rely on your own talents, knowhow and centuries old solutions to daily problems. There are no good roads and often unreliable government solutions and no International NGO to solve recurring problems. The solution and ingenuity comes out of community dependence on each and age old solutions that … Continue reading African Market: Local Ingenuity and Local Solutions


Cute little African school girl in classroom.
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The best gift you can gift a poor child is the gift of good education, family stability and good nutrition. If a child is hungry they are unable to learn, if they are unstable and have to contribute to the family income, they are denied education and higher aspirations for their future. The best gift … Continue reading THE GIFT OF EDUCATION


Two beautiful Muslim girls in Nubian Village near Aswan, Southern Egypt, Africahttp://bem.2be.pl/IS/egypt_380.jpg
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In early 2016 I travelled to Somalia. Among the many amazing people I met through my stay in the Sanaag region is Faiza.I met Faiza in Ceergaabo. Ceergaabo is a small town nestled inside the hills and mountains that mark the trains of this arid, perched land.Ceeraabo (Erigavo) is the capital of the Sanaag region … Continue reading FEARLESS FAIZA


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Afartan Bax – After the forty Days, Women celebrate various traditional rituals around the globe. In Somalia, new mothers have a special day of their own. Its called ‘Afartan Bax’ loosely translated as the end of forty days. After many months of carrying a baby and giving birth, the new mother and her infant child … Continue reading THINGS TO CELEBRATE

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