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The best gift you can gift a poor child is the gift of good education, family stability and good nutrition. If a child is hungry they are unable to learn, if they are unstable and have to contribute to the family income, they are denied education and higher aspirations for their future. The best gift to a poor child, one with no good education is to educate them, mentor them and contribute to their learning mind. All these children need is to addsomething of value to their education and future endeavors. No matter how much a gift is wrapped in a pretty box, it will never contribute to their brain development. The best gifts are mentoring, developing a school that is sustainable with teachers, provide light and water in the school andprovide nutritious valued meals. We don’t send our kids in America to school without food; they have facilities that provide food for their learning capacity. We must think in those terms for poor childrenacross the globe as well. Don’t bombard them with shoes, t-shirts, dresses or pads, if they are not hungry and are given full functioningschools, their community can make their own cloths, their own shoes and they can do without the material stuff that takes away for the local economy. Instead organize your community to mentor the children, send them books, read with them, visits them every summer with books and create reading clubs. This is much more valuable for them to exit out of poverty.

Those of us in the West trying to help poor children must think beyond things like PADS, missing a pad doesn’t make life critical for a girl, she can manage like her foremothers did. But missing education, technology and brain power and development will put her life at risk so that she will be forced to get married at a young age, and exist in the vicious poverty cycle that hadpreviously engulfed the females in her family. We need a PARDIGM shift when it comes to how we perceive solutions to poverty issues especially as it pertains to females.

We are generous with our charity and gifts, we are caring and want to change lives. Lets start all the good will with a good plan. Put some thought into the gift. Organizing full-fletched educational systems that will result in a good learning environment, that will make a dent in their lives, so they can move towards stable adulthood and be productive citizens. If you want to help, please think deep and hard, plan around the gift you want to give, and think ahead. Think about how your gift will impact the child you are helping.Ask yourselfthese questions: Does the gift contribute to her long learning needs, does it add value in her education curve, or does it improve the school environment where she is learning in some long lasting way. Does the gift impact her reading and writing abilities?

Also there are so many things that are sent to poor children that are of no value due to cultural difference and local customs. In every case you must think cultural competency when thinking to help these children. The best gift is one where the gifter does his homework andfinds out what are the local customs and what is acceptable in that environment. This is what we call an all around thoughtful gift that impacts the child in useful and long lasting ways. Let us change how we think of poverty. We don’t need to send them stuff; we need to give them tools to get out of poverty to become full functioning humans.

To be HUMAN is to be kind, compassionate, considerate, and charitable. A little humanity goes a long way. Let us come together and be human. We can be the change makers our humanity needs.


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