Do Children in Poverty Dream?

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Meet Anissa (not her real name) a gorgeous fifteen years old and her toddler sister. They are IDP. Children. They live in a camp outside the city of Garowe; they have known nothing but the desolate theme of poverty. The toddler has one leg; the other has been chopped off when an insect bit into her leg. Now she has to be carried everywhere. Children in this IDP camp are without education, healthcare and sustainable water. These children don’t bathe for weeks. The little water their mother’s carry to the camp is used for urgent matters liking drinking and cooking. The water well is three to four miles away as so water is collected twice a week. Children in this camp go without the most basics of necessities. Food is scarce and most are malnourished. Annisa’s distant eyes tell a story of poverty, neglect, hunger and poor living condition. Her family squeezes inside a small structure made out of flimsy material and twigs. Education is the only way to get this young girl and her siblings out of poverty. Books and words should replace her empty days and vacant time. She like other children wanders around the camp only to be in the company of other children in similar conditions. Project Is Bedel wants to change that. Project Is Bedel is creating schools for children like Annisa to learn and dream for the hopes of the future. Project Is Bedel is a comprehensive project that has sponsored this camp and the children of this camp to become educated youngsters with healthcare and stable lives. Please support Project IS Bedel and donate to insure Annisa beats the odds.

Is Bedel is a concept rooted in creating change that is sustainable and stable. In Is Bedel we strive for lasting positive change to create effective sustainability rooted in having Somali solutions for Somali challenges. Hence a movement of change makers is born to educate, inspire and create economic freedoms to end poverty. Project Is Bedel takes into account the reality on the ground in Somalia and is based on culturally sustainable solutions.

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