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Our work in the Sanaag region is a collaborative effort with local residents including women, youth, and elders. The Sanaag region is located in the North East region of Somalia. The opportunities to make a difference is optimum. We work in the areas of Education, health and environment. There are many challenges and solutions with local mindset and know how. Its great to be part of the people of Sanaag and to learn from each other as we develop solutions together.


• The Sanaag Region is in the North East of Somalia. The region’s population is approximately 610,000 persons. Of this population approximately 68% are rural-nomadic pastoralist.
• Most people in the region engage in animal husbandry, with only a limited number involved in small-scale subsistence farming, fishery production and commercial activities.
• The region has a landmass that makes up about 8 percent of total land area of Somalia, making it the broadest region.
• Except for the elevated area, where rainfall records average of up to 500 mm, most areas in Sanaag have rains that generally do not exceed 150 mm.
• Area: Approximately 40,000 Sq.Km.

The Drought

In the Sanaag Region has witnessed exacerbated drought conditions for the past three years. With the start of rains in early April, which is the main planting season in Somalia, sufficient rains have not come for the past three years. 500,000 people are currently facing food insecurity, water shortages, and displacement and health crises. The drought has affected people’s livelihoods, separated families and killed many livestock, which is the backbone of the economy.

To be HUMAN is to be kind, compassionate, considerate, and charitable. A little humanity goes a long way. Let us come together and be human. We can be the change makers our humanity needs.


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