Who We Are

Humanity Against Poverty (HAP) is a people powered startup that bases its mission on providing an sustainable salutations to poverty issues inclduing environmental justice, education justice and human rights issues through a participatory model of community led solutions. Our mission is to create spaces with the community at the helm of results. Our vision is to empower local know how and hone it with the HAP solution.

Our methods are centered through partnerships with enterprising people in business, environmental ambassadors, education campaigners and human rights champions by raising awareness, allowing better access to information and financing and fostering better linkages to information. We empower people to thrive, earn and live healthy sustainable lives. HAP provides the right tools such as access to technology, building a good infrastructure and providing tools to environmental justice to improve the people’s lives.

The HAP Solution

Through HAP technology and digital storytelling we are creating a movement. HAP envisions to revolutionize the way poverty is understood and discussed by adding the HAP formula. HAP opens spaces through media, community led engagement  to discuss issues associated with poverty, the environment, education and human rights with humility. Through technology HAP brings together people from different walks of life to care about these issues and to take the stigma out of the phenomenon that effects millions of human beings. We do this across social media platforms and various other methods. HAP brings humanity to the forefront of influencers through an inclusive model that seeks solutions across participatory engagements both in major public spaces as well as in private arenas.