Facts About recurring famine in Somalia

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Facts about Somalia’s recurring droughts and famine The humanitarian crisis in Somalia has worsened and reached epic proportion. A recent report from WHO indicate there is high risk the country will face its third famine in 25 years. More than 6.2 million people – half of the total population are currently in urgent need of … Continue reading Facts About recurring famine in Somalia

She has the world on her shoulder

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Look into her face and you see her broken soul. She has lost everything including livestock, family members and now she sits next to the only meager belonging she own in this world. What happened to our humanity when we allow a mother to have the world on her shoulder? We as humans have left … Continue reading She has the world on her shoulder

To be HUMAN is to be kind, compassionate, considerate, and charitable. A little humanity goes a long way. Let us come together and be human. We can be the change makers our humanity needs.


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