When Climate Change Kills

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On the eve of Thanksgiving while Americans get ready to feast and give thanks, many across the globe are experiencing poverty in its most extreme form. In Somalia a drought that has raged for three years has devastated families. Animals and family members are dying in record numbers. According to the United Nations Office for … Continue reading When Climate Change Kills

Things We Share

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  There is beauty in sharing. Sometimes people share a jacket, a blanket, and a bed. There are no such things as something belonging to one person. Some girls share a pretty dress. If there is one girl who own makeup, all the girls in the village line up on special occasions to use the … Continue reading Things We Share

Women Entrepreneurship

To be HUMAN is to be kind, compassionate, considerate, and charitable. A little humanity goes a long way. Let us come together and be human. We can be the change makers our humanity needs.


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